Welcome from the Chair of the Implementation Body, PJ Fitzpatrick

On behalf of the members of the Implementation Body, I would like to welcome you to our website. The Body was established in July 2010 to oversee and verify progress in implementing the provisions of the Public Service Agreement, also known as the “Croke Park Agreement”.

We are working on a very ambitious and challenging agenda, involving all public service bodies and around 300,000 staff at a particularly challenging time for the Irish Public Service. Under the Croke Park Agreement, public service staff and their managers are working together to reform and change the way the Public Service does its business so that costs and staff numbers can be reduced significantly.  At the same time, the Agreement is helping to ensure that services and especially frontline services are maintained to the greatest extent possible and the experience of citizens accessing services is improved.

A key role of the Implementation Body is to support efforts across the entire public service to deliver on these objectives.

I hope you will find this website a useful resource for information about the Croke Park Agreement and its implementation. We will keep you informed of progress in implementing the provisions of the Agreement across the public service and other significant developments. The site is an information resource for citizens, public service staff and management, staff associations, political representatives, business, the media and other groups that have an interest in or rely on the Public Service.

If you are working in the public service and would like to highlight examples of best practice that show how the Agreement is delivering on the ground then we would be delighted to hear from you as a challenge with such a diverse and nationwide programme is the capturing and dissemination of best practice.

We would also very much welcome any suggestions to enhance the content of this website.