Public Service Trade Unions Commitments

Public service trade unions have given commitments to:

  • Flexible redeployment within public service sectors, and where necessary to bodies within the wider public service, within a geographic radius of 45 kilometres, to facilitate Government decisions on rationalisation and restructuring;
  • Specific commitments on changes in work practices in each sector to deliver savings and efficiencies necessary as the numbers of public servants fall;
  • More open recruitment of skilled individuals and significantly improved performance management across all Public Service areas, with promotion based on performance as a norm;
  • Compliance with a mechanism to resolve any disputes arising out of the Agreement;
  • The establishment of the Implementation Body to drive change across the different sectors of the public service, to help resolve disagreements and to independently verify the savings derived from the implementation of the sectoral agreements; and
  • A commitment to industrial peace and to no cost-increasing claims for improvements in pay or conditions of employment during the Agreement.