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3rd July 2013 Implementation Implementation Body Publishes Third Annual Review
Implementation Third Progress Report

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Press release by the Chair of the Implementation Body

10th December 2012 Implementation Body reports to the Taoiseach and Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform on revised Action Plans.
15th October 2012 Croke Park savings are accurate. Read the press release here
12th October 2012 Chair clarifies savings in letter to Mr Eoghan Murphy T.D.
11th October 2012 Chair of the Implementation Body briefs the Public Accounts Committee on the progress that is being made under the Croke Park Agreement.
11th October 2012
The Chair and members of the Implementation Body met with the Taoiseach and Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform to discuss the need to accelerate delivery of further reforms and saving across the public service in the coming period. The Body has now requested that sectoral Action Plans be revised to reflect further measures that are planned to maximise the potential of the Agreement.
16th July 2012 Taoiseach and Minister Howlin meet with the Croke Park Implementation Body
13th June 2012
The Implementation Body has published its second annual report (the Press Release is here) on progress under the Public Service Agreement 2010-2014. The report finds that €650m in pay bill savings and €370m in non-pay savings have been achieved in year 2 of the Agreement; staff are co-operating with reform measures and public services have been maintained against the backdrop of a 17,300 reduction in staff during the first two years of the Agreement.
2nd April 2012
The Implementation Body has concluded its consideration of Revised Action Plans from each sector of the Public Service and has published the Plans on its website. The revised plans of each public service body is available on their own corporate websites.
22nd March 2012 Chair of the Implementation Body briefs the Committee of Public Accounts on progress.
9th February 2012 The Minister of State for Public Service Reform, Brian Hayes T.D. addresses Seanad on the implementation of the Croke Park Agreement.


5th December 2011
The Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform, Brendan Howlin T.D., outlined the Government’s expenditure plans in his address to the Dáil on 5th December 2011. The Minister indicated in his speech that, while the Croke Park Agreement has made some progress to date, it must deliver a lot more.
25th November 2011
The Defence Forces have announced the introduction of new promotion systems for Generals, Officers and Enlisted personnel which reflect modern HR standards, including the elimination of seniority and the introduction of purely merit based systems of promotion at all levels. Other imminent developments in the sector include:

  • the implementation of a comprehensive review of military medical services completed in June 2011 is set to commence from November 2011.
  • Implementation of revised arrangements for Security Duty Allowances, following a review, which will generate savings of some €1m per year.
  • Revised management and procedural arrangements to reduce the incidence of acting up and substitution to address gaps in the organisation structure

These developments are in addition to the ongoing work to completely re-organise the Defence Forces into a more flexible organisational structure so that the forces can maintain their capacity to undertake the tasks assigned by Government within significant reduced numbers, which are currently 500 below the approved Employment Control Framework figure.

17th November 2011 Body Publishes Summary of Progress for the Period April to September
10th October 2011 Letter to Chair of the HSIB re. Limerick Regional Hospital
4th October 2011
The Chair of the Health Sector Implementation Group, Pat Harvey, writes in the Health Manager Journal about the progress being made in the Health Sector under the Croke Park Agreement where about 1,200 actions are underway across the four HSE regions. The full text of this article can be accessed here.
3rd October 2011
A number of intellectual disability services in the Dublin area have reported reaching agreements under the Croke Park Agreement which will deliver changed work practices, organisational reform and savings.
At St. Michael’s House an agreement has been reached with SIPTU, IMPACT and the INMO. The agreement covers 1,542 workers and aims to save over €3m up to 2014. It involves an extended working day from 8am to 8pm, with staff available 5 days over 7, and a redeployment/re-assignment protocol. It also includes the introduction on a pilot basis of an online rostering system. A major part of the savings in the St Michael’s House agreement comes from the integration of the transport department with the day and residential services.
At Cheeverstown House, a cost saving agreement has been reached which will deliver €435,000 in savings.
Finally, at the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street., work practice and rostering changes aimed at delivering efficiencies have been agreed with SIPTU members.
15th September 2011
Over recent weeks, the Implementation Body has undertaken an intensive round of meetings with senior management from key sectors of the public service. The Body has now met with senior managements in the Local Government, Education, Justice, Defence and Health sectors. The meetings have provided an important opportunity for the Body to stress the need to up the pace of implementation of critical change and reform under the Croke Park Agreement across the public service. Discussions have focused on how senior management intend to accelerate progress on implementing their sectoral Action Plans and ensure that priority measures are delivered on over the remainder of 2011, in light of the challenges ahead.
9th July 2011
The Implementation Body will be conducting another round of reporting in October and this represents another important milestone in the context of delivery under the Agreement. Public Service bodies will be required to submit reports setting out the very latest state of play on the various commitments in their Action Plans. It is hoped that substantial progress can be reported on the remaining priority issues by this point and this will be important if the Agreement is to be judged as being on track.
Another important development on the horizon is the Government’s
Comprehensive Review of Expenditure which will be concluded by the autumn. The framework of the Croke Park Agreement will be critical to delivering the further restructuring and reform that will flow from this process and Action Plans will need to be reviewed towards the end of the year to take account of this.
30th June 2011 Croke Park Agreement Conference – One Year On
29th June 2011
The Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny T.D., and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Mr. Brendan Howlin T.D., met with the Chair and members of the Implementation Body on 29th June last, following the publication of the Body’s first annual progress report. The meeting provided an opportunity for a useful discussion on the key issues relating to driving the reform agenda across the public service. The Taoiseach and Minister said that they were pleased with the tangible progress that made in the first year of the Croke Park Agreement but underlined the Government’s view that progress on the implementation and delivery of the full range of reforms envisaged under the Agreement needed to be significantly accelerated. The need to build on the flexibilities already agreed to in the Croke Park Agreement was also emphasised