An Comhaontú Seirbhíse Poiblí 2010 – 2014

A Guide to the Agreement

The Public Service Agreement, or Croke Park Agreement, as it is commonly known, is an agreement between the Government and the Public Services Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and other associations representing public service staff.

It is a four-year agreement which is designed to support the maintenance of high quality public services in an environment where resources and staff numbers are being significantly reduced. The Agreement also provides a means to ensure that the public service continues its contribution to overall economic recovery.

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Under the Agreement, management and staff of the public service are working together to deliver:

  •  A significant reduction in the number of people working in the public service over the lifetime of the Agreement, to achieve significant savings in the Exchequer pay bill;
  • Large scale redeployment of public servants within and across sectors, to protect frontline service delivery as staff numbers fall; and
  • The fundamental reconfiguration of the design and delivery of public services to deliver efficiencies and improvements in services, in particular through the greater use of shared services and online services.

Detailed Action Plans for each sector, as well as individual Government Departments, Offices and Agencies, have been developed to underpin the implementation of the Agreement. The Plans set out the initiatives to be taken and the timelines within which implementation will be achieved.

The Government gave a number of commitments to serving public service staff in return for the delivery of the necessary savings and as long as the Agreement is implemented in full.

The public service trade unions gave a series of commitments on their part to support the Agreement.